Wrap up

My Detoxification Program is complete. Where do I go from here? I am slowly starting to reintroduce foods and paying very close attention to how I react with them. I’m not sure I have any food “allergies”, but there are certainly some foods that my body has a real effort dealing with. Some of the symptoms I’m looking for: brain fog after a meal, sluggishness, “gurgling” stomach, changes in bowel movement (even slight changes), headaches or joint aches. These are the little things you might over-look and not realize it’s your food that’s causing these.

Our bodies are designed to take in food, break it down into its base nutrients, use those nutrients to nourish cells, and discard the rest. And it should do this pretty quickly. Daily bowel movements are a sign that your body is efficient at this breakdown process.

Now that I have completed this 21-Day Purification Process I can honestly say that it is one of the best things I have ever done for my health! If you’ve ever been on a “diet” then you know how crummy you usually feel. You’re denying yourself junk foods, but often people on “diets” deny themselves some really good nutrition too. I have never felt better than when I was on this plan! I ate tons of food and was NEVER hungry, I had increased energy from all the healthy fruits and veggies I was eating, and I could tell my body was functioning at its best by how I looked. I lost that “puffy” look and my skin looks younger.

Because of the education that is an integral part of this program, I am ready to say this is how I eat now. I am currently on vacation with my family. Hard to watch what you eat when you’re not in control of the meal plans, right? Not at all. We have been eating out a lot but it’s so simple to make better choices now. I splurged last night and had pizza, we visited my husband’s favorite pizza hangout from when he was a kid. I had a fantastic pizza loaded sausage, tons of fresh mushrooms, and onions. I wasn’t about to deny myself one of my favorite foods. But it was easy to limit myself to two small pieces, it really was! It was a smart decision and I know today I’ll be craving a salad for lunch to help balance that. Yes, CRAVING a salad. It happens. Who knew!

So, are you ready to go through this type of program to get your health back on track? I already know this Purification Program is one I will repeat yearly. It was so easy to do, and I absolutely love the way I feel. I wish I had been able to lose more weight, but 8 lbs in 21 days is still great! And I know I will continue to lose more at a steady pace now that I have made this my way of eating.

I cannot tell you how fantastic this program by Standard Process is, and how amazing it has been working with Dr. Ken D’Souza on this. I know he’s still there for me as I move forward and he is continuing to educate me and keep me focused. My turn to help you the way he has helped me! Thanks for following my journey. I gladly welcome your questions and feedback. And I will be happy to help you if you’re ready to go through this transformation too!


Finish Line is in Sight!

Time for an update on the Purification Program. Today is Day 18 of 21! The end is in sight. Or is it? Well, the 21 days is almost over but this new way of eating probably isn’t. Let me explain.

First, how do I feel? AWESOME! Seriously! I have had zero cravings, I have tons of energy, my clothes are fitting so much better, my joint pain is gone. How could I feel any better?

Weight loss? 6 pounds so far, in 2 1/2 weeks! Total inches lost? 3+!

Has it all been easy? Ugh, No. Days 14 and 15 were rough. Not physically, but mentally. I was so tired of nothing but water, really missed the taste of my wine, and was really feeling like I was alone. We all hit “that wall”. That’s where your support network comes in. Just hearing someone tell you how good you look, that you can do this! By Day 16 the end was so close, it was easy to refocus. Mountain conquered! So why do I say it’s not almost over?

Because I now know how great my body feels when it digests my food properly, and I have learned so much about how the foods we eat interact with our bodies down to the cellular level, that I now understand that this is how I want to eat most of the time. This is what they mean by “lifestyle change”, but it’s been unattainable for me until now. It’s very hard to make sacrifices and turn those into permanent changes. This plan had me approach it from a different angle. I now know what dairy does to my cells (causes inflammation) so it’s easy for me to scale back on the dairy because I’m smarter! Will I totally eliminate it from my diet? No way! I love my cheese. But not all cheeses are the same. Aged cheeses are so much better so I’ll choose those. I know, personally, that sour cream seems to be difficult for me to digest. So no more sour cream? Certainly not! But I will scale back the frequency with which I have it, knowing that I will feel sluggish.

Making wise decisions, that’s what this is about going forward. Day 21 is right around the corner. Am I dying to pig out? No. What will I indulge in first? Probably a glass of wine, although I’ll make sure it’s French wine because I know the pesticides used on American and South American vineyards is the real culprit. Big pizza? Fried chicken? Nope. A nice balanced meal, a nice bottle of wine and nice company sounds wonderful. Junk food is probably a thing of the past.

I can honestly say I have never felt like that before. It feels empowering. And that feels pretty AMAZING!

How hard is it?

If you read my blog last week you know I’m doing a Doctor-supervised Purification Plan (Detox) with Dr. Ken D’Souza. Today is day 10 of 21 so I’m half way there! And I’m being asked by a lot of people, “just how hard is it?”  My simple answer – it’s not!

We’re all focused on quick results, so here’s the basics; in 10 days I am down 4.5 pounds. My measurements must not have been accurate at the beginning because my results show a total net gain of a couple inches (1/4″ gained here, 1/2″ lost there) but since my clothes are fitting so differently I know that’s not accurate. And I’m not worried about it.

People have commented that I look great, that even my face looks slimmer. Feels great to hear that!

According to Dr. D’Souza, the initial weight loss is due to water, inflammation and fat lost. And he tells me the weight really starts to drop off quickly during the second half of the plan so there’s my motivation!

Actually, it’s been very easy so far. This plan is designed to purify the system so it is not calorie-restrictive. I can eat as much as I want of most fruits and vegetables and some nuts. I have three whole-food protein powder and fruit shakes every day with supplements. I have yet to feel hungry! What I do feel is lighter and definitely more energetic.

I thought the biggest challenge would be family get-togethers. We had a graduation party for my son this weekend with all the family. BBQ ribs on the grill, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, chips and dip, veggie platter and dip, papaya/avocado salad, cake for dessert. I ate until I was full! Had all the veggies on the platter, with sea salt and ground pepper, for appetizer. My dinner was the papaya/avocado salad and a baked sweet potato with raw honey. Dessert? A few fresh strawberries. I haven’t had any cravings at all.

Tomorrow is day 11 and I will begin adding protein in the form of chicken and fish. I have no doubt that I can finish this next 11 days. All the motivation I really need is to look in the mirror, and to feel how GREAT it feels to be in my skin. I love the energy I have. I am learning so much about what foods do to our cells and I don’t feel like there’s an “end” of this diet. I already know there are many foods I already don’t miss and never want to eat again. The education is what will make this a “lifestyle change” that I can easily continue. And that is something I’ve never found before.

Thank you for following my journey with me. Let me know any questions you have. The Doctor is glad to answer them!

Why Purify (Detox)?

If you follow me on Facebook (Genesis Massage and Wellness) then you know I have just begun a Purification Process under the supervision of Dr. Ken D’Souza.  But why do we I need to purify? Isn’t the body designed to detoxify itself?

Yes, it is! The liver filters toxins and aids in metabolizing fat, protein and carbs. The kidneys filter waste and are responsible for regulating the right balance of sodium, potassium and phosphorous in the body. The small intestines digest food so that the nutrients can be absorbed into the blood and transported to the liver. The large intestines absorb water and electrolytes, and produce antibodies for gastrointestinal health. The body is an incredible machine!

Unfortunately, our bodies are overloaded with toxins from not only our food but also our environment and it’s more than we can handle. Toxins can contribute to many symptoms; fatigue, difficulty sleeping, indigestion, cravings, weight gain, joint discomfort, reduced mental clarity and more.

So purification, or detoxification, helps rebuild the body from the inside out.  It’s kind of like hitting the “reset” button!

During the Purification Program I will be eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods, taking whole food supplements and drinking lots and lots of water. Today is Day 4 of the 21-Day Purification Program, but it is actually day 14 of my journey with Dr. D’Souza. For 10 days I had to journal everything I ate or drank. Then Dr. D’Souza reviewed that with me. Remember turning in those essays in school and they came back with red ink marks everywhere from the critiques? Yup, it was like that. Quite eye-opening because I thought I was choosing “healthy” options (most of the time) but Dr. D’Souza explained the metabolic science behind it and I’m really getting quite an education! And I’m finding there are so many good for that I can eat! Nutrition science continues to change as our food sources and choices continue to change. I’m in my 50’s and the food scene has changed drastically since I was a kid!

So far the program is going great! Lost a pound the first day which was very exciting. I haven’t lost any more since then but he assures me it will happen (somewhere around day 10 usually) Right now my body is starting to detox and I can feel the effects. Day 3,  I noticed a little muscle cramping and less energy than usual. I think I’ll hit the gym tonight to use the sauna – that will help draw all those toxins out! I seem to have plenty of energy to keep with my regular workout routine as well.

My goal in doing this Purification Program is

1. to feel healthier (more energy, better sleep)

2. lose weight (15 lbs, would make me so happy!)

3. educate myself more on proper nutrition based on today’s food sources

4. share my experience so that others can reap the rewards as well

Continue to follow my journey through my weekly blog and Facebook posts (Genesis Massage and Wellness)

Simple Ways To Jump Start Your Health

There is so much information available to us about better health, proper nutrition, living happier. Sometimes I think there’s too much information. It gets a bit overwhelming. Making changes doesn’t have to be hard. The easier the better, I believe! So I’m here to help make it easier.

One of the seminars I teach is “Five Ways to Jump Start Your Health” using the five senses as our guide. Simple! So today we’ll talk about sight and six easy and practical ways to make changes to your health.

1. Obviously the health of our eyes themselves is important. Did your Mom always say to eat your carrots for good eyesight?  Mine did. Well, she was right. The vibrant orange veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin) are loaded with beta carotene. Other important vitamins for eye health are Vitamin C (grapefruit and strawberries), Vitamin E (sunflower seeds or almonds sprinkled on your salad), of course omega-3 fatty acids (fish). Probably the most important is Lutein which we get from spinach and kale. Kale is really a super food – with twice the lutein of spinach! I love to sautee some kale with a little garlic, butter and olive oil. Totally transforms the taste! Nutrients are best when we get them from our food, but supplements are available if you think you need them.

2. Drink water for your eyes. Yup, water. The eyes need to stay lubricated to stay healthy and to focus properly. Make sure you’re drinking enough water every day. Your eyes will thank you! Properly lubricated eyes can filter out some of the toxins in our air. And remember to BLINK! Blinking is automatic and we seldom think about it. But if you work on a computer, chances are you stare. Every time we blink, the eyes get lubricated.

3. What about what our eyes see? What we look at affects our attitude, our mental health, if you will. One of the easiest ways to lower your blood pressure is to relax. Seriously! Look at something calming, preferably outdoors.  You may be stuck at a computer all day but surely you can find 5 minutes to look out a window. Whatever you are looking at, give it your full attention and really try to appreciate what you see. When was the last time you watched a squirrel play? Or followed a butterfly’s path? It will make you smile! Worst case scenario…if you really can’t get outside, find a beautiful picture on the internet of someplace magical to you. Is it a beach? A sunrise? A picture of your child? Breathe deeply and smile.

4. Wear good sunglasses. When we wear sunglasses, the pupils dilate. If you’re wearing cheap sunglasses that don’t filter out the Ultraviolet rays, you’re letting more UV into your eyes than wearing no sunglasses at all! Invest in a quality pair.

5. This one seems silly, but it’s important. Wash the inside of your windshield. Especially if you’re a smoker. Even if you’re not a smoker, the chemicals from the plastic in your dashboard really heat up this time of year and will form a film on the windshield. Cleaning the inside of the windshield will make a big difference with night driving.

6. Finally, closing your eyes and looking at nothing is healthy for you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and spend a few minutes alone in your head. Try not to think about anything. If thoughts come into your head, picture them floating away on an exhale. This is basic yoga practice. Some people call it meditation. Whatever you call it, it is important for your health to have some quiet time every day by closing your eyes. Our children are especially in need of this!

So theres six SIMPLE and practical changes you can do today! I think I’ll go look outside for a few minutes now. Join me.